Specializing in the manufacturing of semi-tubular and solid rivets.  

Setting Equipment

Hand Sets

Semi-tubular rivets are curled over to hold two or more pieces of material together. The easiest way, but most labor intensive, to set a rivet is to use a handset. Handsets were developed by New Jersey Rivet Company, LLC and are used to quickly curl a rivet over. They can be used with a hammer (while providing support to the head of the rivet) or can be adapted to a kick or arbor press. Please note that the end size will vary with the diameter of the rivet to be set.


Automated Machines

While New Jersey Rivet Company, LLC does not produce any automated machines, we have experience working with the following manufacturers* who build, re-build or sell used setting machines and parts.

DTS - sells and rebuilds anvils and other setting supplies
Phone (810) 653-6920 Fax (810) 653-6138

Midward Supply - used setting equipment
Phone (860) 283-0854 Fax (860) 283-0871

Ed White - Used setting equipment
Phone (203) 878-8988 Fax (203) 876-2402

*New Jersey Rivet Company, LLC is listing these companies here for convenience, it is in no way an endorsement of the company or products. It is your responsibility to verify the products and claims and contract with the companies listed above.

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